Posted by: hoppybottoms | May 31, 2011

Doing the earth a “favor”

Long before my attempt at veganism, and my decision to start wedding planning, I was thinking about the earth and how I could, at all costs, avoid damaging it any further. Most people don’t want little Chachki things.

Guests will do one of two things:

1) Not take it. This leaves the bride a groom with a ton of left overs. And what the heck can anyone do with 50 heart shaped key chains? Maybe re-gift…

2) Take it and throw it away when they get home, or a week later when they realize they don’t need it. That breaks my heart because it wastes money and it can’t possibly be good for the environment…just wasteful, all around.

A lot of people do donations as favors which I like, however, even though guests don’t want favors, they sometimes feel cheated when a donation is made “In your name.”

 So, when I was planning my wedding, I thought very carefully about how I would choose a “Favor” for my guests.  I wanted it to be something a little “naturey.” I thought about doing a “tree was planted in your name,” but I thought my guests might feel slighted. Next, I searched online about seeds and giving each guest or couple a bag of seeds, and THEN I discovered

Each guest could get a mini terra cotta pot, seeds, and dirt packaged COMPLETELY in recycled materials with a tag from the wedding and instructions on how to plant. They have to be put together, but they are very affordable and very friendly to mother nature. Of course, not everyone planted them, and we did have left overs, but you can plant left over seeds and make the world a greener place! Guests LOVED it, and I thought of it as a donation to nature…one the guests could be proud to make and that they could benefit from!

Great Wedding Favor- Easy on the Wallet and Kind to Mother Nature 🙂

Please visit their site, they have other earth friendly products!

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