Posted by: hoppybottoms | May 31, 2011

Kim Tested, Animal Approved!

Friend and Fellow Vegetarian (not quite Vegan yet…), Kim, sent me a list of the products that she uses that are not tested on animals…thanks Kim!

Check her Photography website out at:

Here are some of the products:

Seventh Generation-Laundry detergent, antibacterial, bathroom, surface, window, fabric softener, they even make diapers and wipes for those with babies

Method cleaner:found at Target, dish wash detergent, antibacterial, hand soap, laundry, etc,

Cliniquie, Bath & Body Words, Victoria’s Secret, Alba, Mary Kay,Burts Bees, Trader Joes(they have a line of shampoo and conditioner and other stuff that isn’t tested)
Paul Mitchel Hair care,
Peter Thomas Roth-salon quality face wash, etc.
Equate (sold at Walmart) but I am a little skeptical, I’ve called the company numerous times and they tell me nothing is tested but haven’t gotten that in writing yet.

Hawaiian Tropic- Sunscreen

Tom’s Of Maine- deodorant
Estee lauder


Thanks, Kim!

Just so you know…the veganweddingplanner LOVES Trader Joe’s, they label their Vegan friendly products with a big ole’ V- for Vegan, how easy is that?!



  1. I also highly recommend Mrs. Meyers products

    It is a line of household cleansing products, hand soap, air fresheners and laundry products that are aromatherapeutic and smell amazing!! They nearly make cleaning fun.

    *They do not test their products on animals, or make their products with animal-derived ingredients.

    All products come in all scents, but I like to use them thematically:
    lemon-verbena for the kitchen (dish soap, counterop spry)
    basil (countertop, glass and window) for living/bedroom
    lavendar in the bathroom (toilet cleaner and countertop spray)

    honeysuckle is also great, but harder to find.

    I feel they are well worth the price (and this is coming from someone who previously only purchased hand soap at the dollar store; read:I am pretty frugal) but usually has good deals. You can also find Mrs. Meyers in health food and some of the hipper houseware stores.

    Enjoy, and happy cleaning!

  2. Love it Kelly!!!!!
    I also forgot to mention that OPI nail products are not tested on animals!!! A good alternative to my once favorite ESSY! 🙂 I will keep the products coming in as I remember them! 🙂 Congrats!~

  3. […] For a reminder of other cruelty free products please see our previous blog, Kim Tested, Animal Approved! […]

  4. I was surprised that Estee lauder is on the list. I had always been told that they were horrible about using animals in testing and as a result I avoided all Estee Lauder products and anything from companies owned by Estee Lauder. After reading your post I did a little more checking and you are correct! I have been misjudging Estee Lauder! Thanks!

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