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I Scream, You Scream, We all Scream, “Wait, Vegans can’t have Ice Cream?!”


2007 Ben and Jerry's Factory.This was my favorite flavor...hence the thumbs up.

Honeymoon 2009.



One of the reasons I always avoided giving up dairy was the almighty ice cream. As you can see by my pictures, I loved ice cream so much; I wanted to be photographed with it at EVERY opportunity. Yea, I know, get a life.

Strawberry, Chocolate, Ben and Jerry’s Half-baked and Fishfood, anything that was combined with cookie dough or peanut butter, etc. Ice cream is indeed addictive, and the truth is, dairy is addictive. Most people know that cheese can give you a sense of overwhelming euphoria. OK, …that might be slightly exaggerated the point is, that the casein found in cheese and other dairy products is ACTUALLY addictive (and also linked to cancer).

“Milk contains high levels of casein which is a protein known to have opiate-like effects. The purpose of this is to cause an addictive response in the infant so it will crave the mother’s milk and continue to feed and nourish.” Quote taken from pg 13 of this GENIUS BOOK…

Read more about casein here

 So some back story to those pictures…

Picture 1: Taken in 2007 at the Ben and Jerry’s Factory. Myself and two of my grad school friends went to Vermont for the weekend. It was summer and there wasn’t a ton to do where we were staying BUT Ben and Jerry’s was not too far away. It was the ONLY thing I cared about doing. Who wouldn’t want to hear the history about the two hippies who started this company with the AMAZING ice cream. Very exciting, see…OBSESSED!

Picture 2: I got married in July 2009. In Januray 2009 in an effort to lose a few pounds before my wedding I decided to give up my favorite things: baked goods, ice cream, and French fries. It worked! I lost probably between 8-12 pounds. I would bake cupcakes and cakes (did I mention I love baking?), and not even so much as lick the spoon! For 6 months I managed to do this…

When the wedding was over, the professional pictures were taken, and Steve was officially stuck with me, we got to my favorite place, Disney World, (this goes on the list of my favorite things that includes Steve, Cricket, weddings, food, and book stores) for our honeymoon and I was casin’ the joint for ice cream. And so in true, me, fashion, I made sure that my hubbie took a picture of me taking that first delicious bite of ice cream. I hadn’t had it in 6 months, not even in June when it got hot, so I was going to document the crap out of it. I also have a picture of myself eating my first French fries on that trip , but it doesn’t really fit into the theme of this post…

I guess the point is this:

Some people assume that in order to move to a plant-based diet or a diet that focuses on the kind treatment of animals, I must be some weirdo and must not have been so in love with dairy before. But as you can see, very clearly, I was indeed a dairy loving weirdo (now, I am just a weirdo). While milk always seemed gross to me as a thirst quenching drink, ice cream, cheese, and baked goods that called for milk in their recipe, were a HUGE part of my life. Yet, here I am, not eating ice cream or cheese, feeling good and managing to get by!

About two weeks ago I went out with my family to a Friendly’s restaurant where everyone proceeded to get these huge, delicious looking ice cream sundaes. No, I didn’t have ice cream, and no, it wasn’t complete torture. I just think about how disgusting I used to feel after I ate ice cream, and remind myself of all the yucky stuff that is in it, and I have no trouble saying, “No, thank you.” As you can see, I did not document that experience with pictures…

PS- There are PLENTY of ice cream substitutes out there, and some of them are REALLY GOOD! But that is for another post.



  1. Kelly.. I recently visited THe Cup in Wantagh with Marie… I got pastry with Soy Cream! It was actually really good and if someone didn’t tell me that it was soy, I’m not sure if I would have even known the difference.. THe texture was exactly the same, and it was a bit more vanilla than regular ice cream.. nonetheless.. I ate all of it & my dogs enjoyed it as well.. There is also Soy yogurt!

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