Posted by: hoppybottoms | June 1, 2011

Look at the Vegan and say “Cheese!”…Tuesday Night Dinner

I wanted to make something out of one of my new cook books, but I just didn’t seem to have all of the necessary ingredients for any one recipe. So, I decided to wing it…

Tuesday Night Dinner

Kelly’s Crunchy Quesadillas

I was reading through Skinny Bitch in the Kitch and there was a recipe that was similar, but I was missing some of the ingredients so I mixed up a little bit.



  1. Some sort of health, vegan cooking Oil (remember that Olive Oil is not good for you when used at High temperatures
  2. Tortilla -Whole Wheat (One for each quesadilla)
  3. Dairy Free/Vegan Cheese (I used Vegan Gourmet Cheddar Cheese)
  4. Black Beans (mine were canned, but they were also Organic and I rinsed them THOROUGHLY to get rid of excess salt)
  5. 1/4 of a small White Onion, chopped
  6. Spinach leaves
  7. Corn, (Also from a can but Organic)
  8. Guacamole if you so choose… (And I do!)



Heat oil and then add and saute onions for a minute or two. Add spinach and saute for a few minutes until it begins to wilt. Remove from heat.  Cover one side of each tortilla with a thin layer of oil. Heat tortilla in frying pan, with cheese on one side of tortillas. Make sure that the cheese isn’t too close to the edge. Cover, and heat until the cheese begins to melt, yea that’s right it’s vegan AND it melts.


Add corn, beans, and spinach. Fold over and heat uncovered until everything looks hot and cooked. You can also pre-cook the beans and corn and just add them in at the very end.


Spread a little guacamole on the top or dip it right in, whatever you like best! Take a bite. 


How it turned out…

Quesadilla number one- I burned the outside. This is a terrible habit of mine and one that I hope to grow right out of…


However, because I over did it with the heat, the cheese melted beautifully. I also forgot to add the spinach to this quesadilla, hey I’m learnin’ ok!



Kelly's Crunchy Quesadilla


Quesidalla number two was much prettier to look at and tasted really good but the cheese could have melted a little more.


Either way, I will 100% make this again, AND I am fairly certain that the husband will try it.


Yes, the vegan cheese DID taste good.

No, it doesn’t taste exactly like dairy based cheese but I am OK with not ingesting the disgusting hormones that come along with those cheeses anyway.



See the cheese really does melt!


Of course, for those of you who do eat dairy, you can make this with regular cheese…but why? Can’t you hear the cows moo, and thank you?








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