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Vegan Date Night in NYC!



So, tonight I went on a “date” with my friend and


 former co-worker, Marisa. Marisa, is not a vegan or vegetarian but she knows her stuff about food, meat, organic produce, and all the stuff that goes along with being an educated consumer of food.

When we were setting up our date, she suggested some Vegetarian/Vegan places. I was THRILLED that she was willing to go to such places, but as I mentioned she is an educated eater.


We chose PUKK ( a vegetarian but mostly vegan restaurant for dinner. Marisa, had been to this restaurant before and assured me that I would enjoy it. I read mixed reviews online, but being that this was my first totally vegan dining experience since my move to veganism, I was ready to give it a shot!

They have a large selection on super cute tiny menus. It took me a long time to decide what I wanted, but I settled on the Son In Law Tofu: Crusted Tofu with sweet and sour tamarind.

Son In-Law Tofu

Marisa, went with Thai Suki: Glass noodle and vegetable with red garlic sauce.

Both of our dishes were REALLY good!!

Thai Suki

If all tofu were cooked as well as the tofu in my dish, I would eat it more often. Crispy on the outside but falling apart in my mouth. Just so tender. The sauce was great. My only complaint is that some pieces of my brown rice were so hard that I thought I cracked a couple of teeth. But overall, I would give my meal a 4 out 5. Just delish.

I tried a small bite of Marisa’s, hers was really good also.

I would give my overall experience at Pukk a 4.5/5.

Now, let’s get to dessert…you didn’t think I forget dessert, did you?

So, I chose Pukk because it was close to…babycakes! (  The vegan and gluten free bakery hot spot in NYC and LA. I was so excited to go there, that I could barely contain myself. Eating baked goods that were vegan, free of wheat, and free of refined sugar… why that is borderline healthy dessert!

I took my time and choose my items strategically, and by the way, the inside looks cute and friendly, just like the pictures on the website. The counter person was so attentive, and she double checked and asked if I had any allergies when I finally gave her my order of 4 baked goods.

I ❤ dessert

My strategic choices:

1) Chocolate Chip cookie sandwich: I LOVE chocolate chip cookies but I decided to be super indulgent and go with the ones with the filling. Why not?

2) Banana cupcake: I ❤ cupcakes so it was necessary to get at least one ( I got two). I just couldn’t say no to banana.

3)Pumpkin Maple Cupcake: I REALLY ❤ pumpkin flavored things so I HAD to give this a try.

4) Cinnamon Sugar Donut: I am always looking for ways to get the  hubbie involved in my experimentation. He loves donuts, and these donuts have been rated by many onliners (and maybe even some newspapers)as “better than a regular donut.” Strategic choice, eh?

babycakes! Cookie sandwich, Cinnamon sugar donut, Banana cupcake, Pumpkin Maple Cupcake.


1)The chocolate chip cookie sandwich was BY FAR my favorite thing. It was so good and the inside tasted a little like cream cheese icing. Oh…so…good. Just kill me now. 5/5

2) The banana cupcake was the 3rd best thing. The cupcake was good, a little heavy which it seems most vegan cupcakes are, but it was still tasty. The icing was good but like many banana flavored things, after a few bites it got to be too much. 2.5-3/5

3) The maple pumpkin cupcake: Cupcake delish, icing good. The maple was sweet and at times a bit much (and I like sweet), but the pumpkin played off of it well. Both this icing and the icing on the banana cupcake were light and fluffy… 3/5

4) Cinnamon Sugar donut…O M G! You would never have known that it was not full of refined sugar, gluten, dairy, etc. IT WAS SO GOOD. Now, I am labeling it as second best, only because I feel I have a duty to say that all chocolate chip cookies that are great, must be greater than all other baked goods. BUT definitely better than any donut I have ever had. And what did the hubbie say…4.5/5 ( I think he is avoiding giving anything vegan a full 5 stars, but we’ll get him there). I give it a 4.5/5 also…(Can’t do better than my cookie!)

Meet Marisa. She is an awesome date!

I can’t wait to hear what Marisa has to say about what she bought!

Overall, my experience tonight 5/5! Great food and great company. Marisa, you rock!

PS- On my train ride home I was reading the NYT and there was an article about Gluten Free Baking; the article mentioned babycakes and printed one of their recipes. It also mentioned which I had never heard of but I am going to go do my research right now!  Check out the article:

Aren’t I so worldly, reading the NYT…



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  2. […] book was recommended by our friend Marisa (See Vegan Date Night in NYC post). It changed the way she eats (and she looks fabulous!), and as I mentioned she is an educated […]

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