Posted by: hoppybottoms | June 3, 2011

Honeymoon Minus the Honey…Vegan Honeymoon

Honeymoons are so difficult to plan; they are expensive, you both have to agree on a place, and if you have any special needs to be accommodated, like, oh I don’t know, a vegan diet, that makes it even harder.

Well, I wouldn’t be a good vegan wedding planner if I didn’t come up with some ideas for vegetarian and vegan friendly Honeymoons, now would I?!

The truth is, you can probably, with a good amount of effort, have your needs accommodated anywhere. Call ahead to the chef, research the local area, and bring your own stuff. But how about an all-inclusive vegan honeymoon package…now that is what I call a honeymoon! No worries about food just relax and enjoy…

Cascadas Farallas (Waterfall Villas), Costa Rica

They have packages for vegan and raw honeymoons. They serve organic wine; have yoga classes, adventure hikes, private waterfalls, and massages. You can even have a waterfall wedding there!

Sign me up!

The packages are for 3-5 days and in my opinion, given the costs of honeymoons, they are pretty affordable.

And for those of you who aren’t in a mutually exclusive vegan or vegetarian relationship there are local restaurants off of the resort where you can get that meat you have been craving…

There are lots of reviews online that you can find if you want to make sure this is the place for you. It is clear from their website, and their responses to reviews that they are incredibly, eco and animal friendly.

And, if you are already married like me, why not just go on a vacation there? Field trip!

Check it out!



  1. The Black Rock Lodge in Belize is an eco-friendly lodge. The $eals are family style with usually a meat and a vegan and/or vegetarian option. All the food is made fresh and vegetables come from the lodge’s garden.

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