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So, Tuesday night, I set forth to make to make Mochi. Alicia Silverstone had a couple of recipes using mochi in her book, and she made it sound delicious. I actually found it without even looking for it at Whole Foods.


Original (Plain) Mochi is just made of  Sweet Brown Rice and filtered water. It is Gluten-Free,  Wheat-Free and most importantly to me, Dairy-Free. It is very sticky, and VERY delicious.

Mochi out of the package and uncooked

I didn’t have all of the ingredients to make the recipe in The Kind Diet so I went to the website for the mochi company, for my ideas, and there were two I wanted to try.
Pan-Fried Mochi
One was pan frying the mochi, which was similar to the original Recipe I had seen. Of course, I burned it, but I think that is only 75% my fault, and the other 25% is at the fault of my old and poor quality frying pan.  I cut the mochi and put four pieces, with a little bit of oil on each side, into the frying pan. It puffed up! It is so hard to believe, but I guess when you think about it, rice gets puffy, and this is made of rice.
Mochi, when it was first put in the frying pan
Look how puffy (and burned) it got!

The fried mochi, was delicious, I mixed it with some greens (collard greens, kale, and spinach, a fresh pre-made item at Whole Foods) and I couldn’t stop eating it.
Mochi Waffle
Another idea on the website was for Mochi Waffles right in a regular ole’ waffle iron. It suggested topping it with cheese and sauce for a “waffle pizza.” I had homemade sauce left from the weekend, and I was dying to try my Daiya Cheese, so I couldn’t resist.
Mochi squares when first put on the waffle iron



Next time I will be more aware of the size and placement of the mochi. I either could have put them closer together or added another square in the middle. It didn’t quite look like a waffle. But it is still amazing how it puffs  up.

My "almost" Mochi waffle

I topped it with some Daiya mozzarella Cheese and Tomato Sauce to make a Pizza. I added the cheese while the waffle was still on the hot iron, I didn’t close the top, but the heat helped the cheese melt, and so did the addition of the hot tomato sauce.

Mochi Waffle with Daiya Cheese


Mochi Pizza Waffle...Yum!

The pizza was SO GOOD. The waffle tasted great, the cheese melted to perfection, and well I made the sauce, so of course that was good. I thought I would be full, and just eat one or two pieces of this, but I finished the entire thing!
Mochi is still a little sticky, even after it is cooked, so it may stick to your teeth a little bit. It is both sweet and savory, and for that reason it is used to make a lot of desserts. Next time I get mochi I think I am going to try Mochi Brownies!

 Both recipes were delicious, and I will 100% be buying Mochi often. It is easy to cook and goes a long way. I made both of these items and I still have half of the mochi square left. I will be making them into biscuits tonight, to bring with me on a Vegan Friendly Lunch-time Picnic tomorrow with my friend, Sara.





  1. yayy I can’t wait to try them!

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