Posted by: hoppybottoms | June 16, 2011

Panicked for Pancakes!: The Rutherford Pancake House, NJ

“You’re a vegan? What CAN you eat?”

The answer to that question, (which I get so much I feel like I should just type a list and have it readily available to hand out) “Pancakes!”

OK, maybe not plain ol’ pancakes made with eggs, milk, and dairy butter but vegan pancakes…yes!

Steve came across this place on the internet one day and being the supportive and fun husband that he is, suggested that we go there for my birthday. Unfortunately, my birthday is on a Tuesday and every weekend leading up to it, we will be on LI with family. So, we decided when we woke up last Sunday that it was the perfect time (and probably only time) to go.

The Rutherford Pancake House has an extensive menu, which includes non-vegan items. Their choices stretch beyond vegan pancakes into vegan pizza, vegan sandwiches, and more. It was morning, it was a pancake house, and so, I got pancakes. Blueberry pancakes to be exact. I also got a side of home fries.

Steve got his usual breakfast specialty: bacon, egg, and cheese. Like I said, they have non-vegan items there as well.

Vegan Blueberry Pancakes

Steve trying my vegan blueberry pancakes.


 The pancakes were DELICIOUS! They may have looked a little flat, but they tasted like great quality blueberry pancakes. Breakfast heaven in your mouth, if you will. They must have been good because Steve said, and I quote, “They’re good. They taste like regular pancakes.” He even finished the half of a pancake I left on my plate.

Home fries.

The home fries were a little bland; We both agreed on that. With a little ketchup they were pretty good, but I will definitely try a new side the next time I go back there (they have vegan breakfast sausage).
Another negative: They want to promote being healthy, so they charge extra for maple syrup. Sounds silly, but I paid it. I had to go all in! This was, after all, my first vegan pancake experience. The syrup was delicious, though.
Oh yea, and Steve said his sandwich was really good, too. But it wasn’t vegan, so do we really care?
The other thing they had, that always makes me super excited…soy milk!  Sounds silly, but I need it for my coffee and when I go somewhere that doesn’t have it, I have to go without coffee (Ah!). I haven’t quite gotten to the point where I can drink hot coffee black. Although, if need be, I can drink iced coffee with nothing added.
The final review…A MUST GO! Great pancakes, good prices, and animal friendly ingredients!
Pancakes are just about my favorite breakfast food, so I will definitely be going back there!
Their entire menu is available on-line here: Rutherford Pancake House
P.S. Down the block there is a vegan cupcake shop, Sweet Avenue…I can’t wait to try it!


  1. WOW.. I need to come and visit Jersey.. Marie and I should definetly make a date with you!

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