Posted by: hoppybottoms | June 28, 2011

Wishes are for Wimps: Here’s to 27 Years as Me.

Today, I turn 27. Not very old, but not quite young. An age for which I am aware of all I have and have not accomplished. I am vowing right now, to make a birthday resolution, similar to a New Year’s Resolution but not exactly like a birthday wish. Because let’s face it, wishes are for wimps. I mean, I am all for wishing for world peace, but isn’t the best way to get what you want to actually doing something about it?

So, tonight, when I blow out the candle on my vegan cupcake (I hope that there is one waiting at home for me! Hint. Hint.), I am going to wish to keep my resolution, and then I am going to WORK HARD, to keep it. Maybe, I should just wish for no more wishes…

When you are growing up, you dream up these crazy things and set these ridiculous limits on yourself. At the time they don’t seem ridiculous, but in retrospect they are kind of silly; “I will be married when I am 24 to a man who is Calvin Klein underwear model part-time and a wealthy wall street broker full-time. We will have our first child when I am 25 and HER name will be Betsy. Then we will buy a country house in addition to our NYC Penthouse.” Really?

It’s fun to dream when you are 14, but gosh are those ideas silly. Mine weren’t exactly that, although I did know exactly what I was going to name all four of my children, the first one (a girl named Hayley, of course) being born when I was 23. Now, I think about that and imagine just how different my life would be if that had been the case.

I have accomplished many things in a short period of time. I finished my undergraduate degree in 3.5 years, I finished my Master’s degree immediately after that, in 2 years although it really should have taken 2.5. I am married, very happily, and my cat completes our family for now.

Career wise, I fell into a field that I enjoyed and excelled in, and I think for a long time I made the most of it. Now, after about 6 years, I am seeing that there is an end of the road in higher education for me. I like it, and I have done good things, but I am ready to move on.

I have always wanted to have my own business. The kid’s party business was good, considering I started with nothing and actually did a very small amount of business. Now, I have expanded that to wedding and other event planning and I want to continue it. I have also been writing and I want something to happen with that… These are the “dreams” I had when I was younger that I let go of…but why? They aren’t unrealistic. It isn’t like I am saying I want be the next Queen of England (that seems like a stupid job, anyway).

When I was reading Throw Out 50 Things, the author was very clear that you should set goals with specific deadlines. My birthday resolutions will be just that- goals with hard deadlines.

My Birthday Resolution

From June 28, 2011-June 28, 2012 here are my birthday resolutions:

1. Change careers: I am done with the working girl (no I’m not a prostitute) commuting to the city lifestyle.  I want a job where I am my own boss and where I mostly work from home.

  • Book a minimum of 4 wedding/event jobs between 6/28/11 and 6/28/12
  • Really focus on making my business a Green Business including becoming a vendor on
  • Begin freelance writing and submit my work, even if I think it sucks. Maybe it does or maybe I might actually get published…won’t know until I try.
  • Get 3 things published

 2. Movin’ on Up: I don’t like where I live. I never really have and it has been 2 years. We are ready to move on…

  • Move. The end. It requires saving money. So, the goal is to stop being stupid with money.

3. Stay committed to my wellness:

  • Make yoga/Pilates a permanent part of my life by setting aside time at least 3 days a week for them
  • Continue to thrive on my Vegan lifestyle and not let anyone talk me out of it!

To sum it all up, by June 28th, 2012 I will:

  • be living in a new place
  • planning/coordinating lots of events
  • writing and submitting like crazy
  • be an advanced yoga-chick
  • continue to love the vegan life

Happy Birthday to me!



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