Posted by: hoppybottoms | June 30, 2011

Cruelty Free Shower Gel

My goal here is to move into a vegan “lifestyle” as much as possible.

Not just with food choices, although, that can be enough work. I want to use products and live knowing that no other living creature has been harmed in the process. Now, realistically, do I think that everything in my life will ever be that way? No; I am married to someone who still eats chicken and turkey after all. But, I am going to try my darndest to live up to my own expectations by making a transition into using cruelty free products.

Recently, I bought a few Method cleaning products from Target. They were affordable and they smell good! They brag on their website about the fact that they are certified Cruelty Free and Vegan…

cruelty free and vegan

Yesterday, I bought my first Vegan friendly body wash, Korres, at Sephora. I had a giftcard, otherwise I would never have spent $19.50 (yup, you read that right), on a shower gel. I asked the woman at Sephora to guide me in the direction of products that were not tested on animals or containing any animal products. She was kind, polite, and helpful.

After a long, process of smelling and testing all of the lotions and body washes that were “Cruelty Free” I went with Korres because they are also vegan. Many cruelty free products are not vegetarian/vegan, which to me makes them good, but knowing how animals are treated, I am not 100% sure that makes it cruelty free. By definition though Cruelty Free just means that no animals were harmed in testing. 

I used the shower gel this morning, and I LOVE IT! Thank goodness, like I said, it was $19.50.

The Korres bottles are clearly labeled and they have some nice scents…try them out. Just go to Sephora and use their little “Test Me” bottles, I can’t fully endorse actually spending $19.50 on a shower gel, but maybe one day you too, will get a gift card.

For a reminder of other cruelty free products please see our previous blog, Kim Tested, Animal Approved!



  1. Korres is owned by Johnson & Johnson which is not a cruelty-free company.

    • Thanks! That is good to know. The particular product I use is cruelty free and right now that is a step in the right direction. I will keep my eye out for Johnson and Johnson labels and info in the future.

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