Posted by: hoppybottoms | July 5, 2011

Weddings on Earth, Part I: Engagement Rings

Starting today, Tuesday’s blog posts will always be wedding or event related.

Weddings on Earth, is a series of posts that will go from start to finish of the wedding process. Each post in this series (on Tuesday’s only), will review how to make each part of a wedding, from engagement rings to honeymoons, eco-friendly.

Weddings on Earth, Part I: Engagement Rings


Usually, engagement rings are diamonds.  Most of us have heard the horrors that can come along with getting a diamond. The poor treatment of miners, stealing and lying, and people dying, all so you can get a little bling. There are  however, “conflict free” diamonds. The Knot, has some great information if you are interested in finding conflict free and environmentally savvy diamond engagement rings. Green Engagement Rings


I was going to list pearls, which until I thought hard about it, I loved, as a substitute for diamonds. Then I realized…Pearls come from animals! And I am vegan (and this is a vegan/eco-friendly blog)! I did a little research and it seems that some pearls are formed when an irritant is surgically inserted into an Oyster. Ouch.

When pearls are removed the Oyster dies and the shell is tossed aside! Even for those pearls that are naturally formed, remember that they tear the oyster open to get it- yikes! So, I will not be recommending pearls as a substitute for diamonds. Ever.

Some more information about Pearl Cultivation:

(For the record, pearls aren’t vegan. Oysters are killed during the harvest and often suffer the indignity of having a hole cut into their gonads.) from

Both natural and cultivated pearls are harvested from mussels, oysters or scallops. All such clams (bivalve molluscs) are killed to retrieve the pearl. Even some imitation pearls can be made from coral or conch – both which are sea creatures. from

Just remember to think about where your products are coming from before you purchase! Let your significant other know that you want something that hasn’t been harmful to another human being or the earth. Do the research, use the information provided here and remember you are helping everyone by purchasing recycled gold and conflict free diamonds!



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