Posted by: hoppybottoms | September 20, 2011

National Wellness Week: Living Wellness

As someone who is not only a counselor but a member of the population concerned with the overall wellness of everyone (sometimes to a fault…), I thought it was important to let everyone know (now that it is almost Wednesday) that it is National Wellness Week!

I would love to say that I am this incredibly informed person who is aware of all national days, weeks, and months but the truth is I saw a sign on the subway last week and thought…”Hey, I should look that up!”

SAMHSA- Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, is sponsoring it’s first ever National Wellness Week (September 19-25) as part of National Recovery Month (who knew?). Now, I CAN honestly say that I am aware of SAMHSA. I am on their listserv because there was a time when I thought I wanted to be a campus substance abuse counselor and overall, I have an interest in issues of addiction. As many of you may know, when you start joining listservs and blogs (like this one) you then begin to lose interest because you receive too many e-mails and updates. So, I lost interest in my SAMHSA listserv announcements because my inbox was just flooded with announcements from all of my interest groups. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have found this out on the subway one morning when I was too tired to read the NYT on my Kindle. If you follow the National Wellness Week link above you can search for activities in your area and things that are happening nationally for this special week. It is new so it seems like the pickins’ are slim but I am sure as the years go by it will get bigger and bigger.

Anyway, Wellness is an important and holistic term that I enjoy and feel is part of my personal mission statement. My wellness and the wellness of others (as a counselor, friend, and caring human being), is what I strive to maintain and improve everyday. This isn’t just about exercising, eating certain foods, or quitting smoking. It is about stepping back, taking a look at yourself as a whole and discovering a deeper understanding of what it means for you to feel good, all the time. Please read the 8 Dimensions of Wellness from the SAMHSA site for a better understanding.

For me part of this has been my veganism but it is not limited to my love of animals or my food choice. My personal wellness sometimes means I have to decide to break away from my To-Do List, not answer an e-mail, sleep in, exercise…you get the point. Sometimes, it is as simple as making your work environment a pleasent one to be in or getting rid of those papers that have been piling up on your desk. It is easy to forget about being “well” but eventually ignoring it catches up with you.

Please comment and tell me what you do to maintain your personal wellness!

OK. Now, I am going to go put my e-mail in the box that says “Sign up for wellness updates”…








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