Posted by: hoppybottoms | September 22, 2011

NYC Animal Control

This morning, I received my daily update from the Gotham Gazette via my Blackberry. I haven’t really been keeping tabs on NYC news much, because I just don’t have time. But I noticed an article about an Animal Bill being passed to try and minimize the number of feral cats roaming NYC streets. It seems though, that some think this bill was rushed through in order to keep the city from being sued for things they have done to animals (or not done for animals) in the past…read it and tell me what you think. Try to by-pass all of the TERRIBLE animal puns used by the people (mostly NYC politicians) interviewed. Really, they are just awful.

I’ll just say this– how could animal shelters only have been open a few days a week. In a city with an overwhelming human and animal population! Now they will be open 12 hours a day, 7 days a week (Good). Also, they quote Jane Hoffman, president of the Mayors Alliance for NYC’s Animals, referring to this as an effort to “reduce and eventually eliminate cats outdoors,” in the interim “what you need to do is give them a good life and treat them humanely.” 

Some of that makes me uncomfortable. But go ahead, make the decision on your own.

Gotham Gazette: “Bone of Contention”



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