About TheVeganWeddingPlanner

My name is Kelly and I am going to post about weddings and food…two of my favorite things! My other favorite things are my husband, Steve and my cat, Cricket. You will probably hear as much about them as you will about food and weddings.

Just to be clear, I am a Vegan who plans weddings and not necessarily a planner of Vegan weddings, although, I certainly could be. I am not morally opposed to planning a wedding for which the main dish is veal, but you DEFINITELY will not see me eating it! (I will probably even avoid smelling and seeing it if possible.)

I am new to Veganism, 5 weeks Vegan today to be exact! I am not a very experienced cook and so after making the decision to go plant-based I realized I was going to have to get more comfortable in the kitchen. So, I am going to be posting reviews and pictures of new Vegan recipes that I try, they will certainly not all be successful. One of my favorite things in life is baked goods, so there will likely be a TON of pictures of animal product free cookies, cakes, pies, and the like.

While I have been a pseudo-vegetarian for about half of my life, the decision to become Vegan was not always on my mind. Then I read “The Kind Diet” Alicia Silverstone’s brilliant book, and I decided that I was ready to make a slow transition. Then about two days into my ”slow transition” I ate Mac & cheese and I felt really crappy afterwards; right then and there I decided to jump head first into a diet free of dairy and animal by-products.

A few months ago, I also started my event planning business, Sharing Beautiful Memories (www.sharingbeautifulmemories.com), and I recently had my first Day of Coordination job. I think that combining the two biggest things in my life right now, my new business and my new diet, for this blog is going to be outrageously fun!

I hope to give vegans recipe ideas, non-vegans a peek into the delicious and healthy world of veganism, and brides some great ideas!



  1. YAY! I will be taking wedding planning notes (wait…have any get-a-husband notes?) and will definitely be looking forward to the baked goods recipes because after all…I was told there would be cake!

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